At ISOHH we are dedicated to supporting a timely revolution in the way we individually and collectively approach physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As school we offer accessible, affordable, life changing learning at your finger tips including: powerful self paced online courses, an accredited professional training and a selection of masterclasses and live sessions with some of the worlds most respected teachers and leaders.

All of the ISOHH faculty are brilliant, truly pioneering in the way they teach and share their medicine. But our teachers are also human, just like you, with their own journey both behind and in front of them – the healing is always mutual. At ISOHH we believe in cultivating wisdom over accumulating information. We believe in the power of healing human to human and heart to heart. We are so looking forward to getting to know you. Welcome to our growing community. 

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Our award winning accredited dual path professional program is the first of its kind . Throughout the course of one life changing 18 month journey participants train as both a TIIA© Therapist (Trauma Informed Integrative Approach) and as a Soul Medicine Somatics© trauma informed yoga/movement and meditation teacher. The application process is open to all who feel called regardless of professional background.


ONLINE COURSES: ISOHH are proud to offer a small and carefully curated selection of more extensive online courses. Some are self paced and some offer the opportunity to participate in real time and connect with some of our prestigious teaching faculty. Have a peak at our signature trauma informed “Relaxation as the Key to healing” with our founder Aimee Rai and learn how to master the art of emotional balance and nervous system regulation.

MASTERCLASSES: Check out our selection of inspiring masterclasses. We offer special live sessions as well as instant access online offerings so that the beginning of your next inner journey is only ever a few clicks away. You can learn from some of the worlds most pioneering teachers about everything from trauma and the nervous system, to gut health, plant based ayurveda, sound healing, Tibetan Tantra, and mindfulness and meditation

Aimee Rai is the founder and director of ISOHH©. As a trauma specialist and dharma teacher with training across multiple modalities Aimee is known by her students and clients as being a warm, wise and dynamic teacher and therapist. She is passionate about cross pollinating and collaborating with others leading change and providing access to this vital work to as many people as possible. To learn more about Aimee and her personal work, click on the image. To find out more about learning with Aimee here at the school, explore our online courses and our pioneering professional training via the main page at www.isohh.org.uk

"If you get the chance to learn from this woman, take it. She will change your life!

- Leah, Sweden